Building A Stronger Community

Building A Stronger Community

The Viva a Vida Foundation was created in 2013 with the initial goal of helping women and children who have suffered abuse or any case of violence. After many achievements, our foundation grew, attracted more Volunteers and people engaged in making a difference for our community. Nowadays, we work to provide legal and psychological support to those who suffer any domestic violence, assistance, and guidance for international students, support for elderly people, among other services and support for members and non-members of the Brazilian Community. One of our most recent achievements was the case of a girl who needed monthly financial aid to purchase her medication due to a serious health problem. Through donations, we reached the amount and today she can carry on her treatment.

Weekly food baskets for the community

Viva a Vida knows how the situation of Covid-19 has affected the lives of families and especially immigrants living in Australia. For this reason, in an effort that brought together volunteers, donors and the entire Viva a Vida team, it was possible to establish a routine of donations of food baskets for our community and also for other people in needing of food on the table. Since July, 700 food baskets have been delivered to more than 100 families weekly. Numbers that fill us with pride and give us the certainty that if we fight together, we can and will, more and more, build a stronger community.

Safety Halloween for our children

Halloween is one of the most expected dates for children throughout the year. For this reason, Viva a Vida did not let Covid-19 scare the celebrations of 2020. On October 31st we held a super Halloween event aimed at children. Due to the current situation, the event was all online and everyone who registered received “Party Bags” at home. The event was all-inclusive for everyone to have fun. There was no shortage of the traditional trick or treat, many attractions and even special guests made the happiness of the children.

You can also make a difference

If you also want to make a difference for our community, you are very welcome. There are several ways to support. Being a donor, a volunteer, or offering your professional skills to the community. Our doors are always open. To find out how you can help, send us a message through our website.

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