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The Viva a Vida Foundation

We are a non-profit Foundation based in Melbourne, Australia. Our foundation was created in 2013 to support women that suffered abuse and children. After many achievements, our foundation grew up, got more volunteers and people engaged. Now, we are working to give legal and psychological support for those who are suffering any domestic violence, assistance and guidance for international students, seniors, among others services and supporting for members and not members of the Brazilian Community.

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1200 people assisted approximately

From Jan 21 to Jun 21 we assisted 1200 people compared from last year’s 500 people. Including support for international students, legal and psychological help to victims of abuse, assistance to pregnant women, among others.


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The importance of a strong community

Being a part of a community gives us opportunities to reach our goals, to connect people, to keep the traditions and make us feel safe and supported.

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Volunteering you can meet new people, gain experience and contribute to our community. There are a lot of ways to support as offering your knowledge, your time and even your friendship. Join us and make a difference in many lives.


The non-profit foundations, also known as NGO (non-governmental organizations), are groups or associations independent of government involvement. They are founded by citizens to provide support, activities, charities, among other types of social services to their members and others.

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