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Ana Neri Project.

Estimated time to open.

4,000 Approximately


4-5 years

October 2019 - August 2023

Resources raised so far.
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Ana Neri Project

The Ana Neri Project will be the Brazilian Community house in Melbourne.  The place is going to offer several services as support against domestic violence, aged care and assistance, students counselling and Portuguese classes for kids and no-Brazilian partners.

Ana Justina Ferreira Neri or Ana Neri was a Brazilian woman who got famous for working as a volunteer during The Paraguay War helping the injured soldiers. She acted almost without resources; however, with her effort, she made a field hospital where she saw one of her three sons die. Ana Neri was the precursor of the Red Cross in Brazil and received the Silver Medal, First Class humanitarian Medal, among others.

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all over the world

Brazilian Community in Australia

O 27.000 Brazilian in Australia

O Around 4.000 in Victoria

O 53% female (approximately)

O 5% up to 14 years old

Domestic Violence

Domestic or Family Violence hits thousands of people every day. Some types of abuse are physical, emotional, sexual, financial, psychological among others. In many cases, the victims can carry the consequences and traumas for the rest of their lives. Our team has been working to support and assure the safety and mental state of these victims.

Senior Citizens

In many cases, our Seniors don’t have family or relatives to support them in Australia. Some are unable to offer the necessary care. Our Seniors need a variety of support such as cultural activities, dancing, cooking, or sometimes just a friend to chat in their own language. Viva a Vida works to provide the resources for them to feel cared for and being a part of our community.

In a Foreign Country

The journey of an international student in a foreign country most of the time is not so easy. Questions like: 1. A place to live; 2. How to get a job; 3. How to meet friends; 4. How do I renew my visa among others. Our foundation provides a place to share in their native language the necessary guidance in order for the smooth transition into these new cultural environments.

The Community

Starting a life in a new country is not an easy task. For this reason, the communities are the principal link with the original culture of those who are living in Australia. Our community is the principal link to offer the support needed, which includes keeping traditional festivals, dances, sports, culinary and mostly to convey the feeling of old home in a new country.
The importance of a strong community
Being a part of a community gives us opportunities to reach our goals, to connect people, to keep the traditions and make us feel safe and supported.
The non-profit foundations, also known as NGO (non-governmental organizations), are groups or associations independent of government involvement. They are founded by citizens to provide support, activities, charities, among other types of social services to their members and others.
Volunteer with us
Volunteering you can meet new people, gain experience and contribute to our community. There are a lot of ways to help as offering your knowledge, your time and even your friendship. Join us and make a difference in many lives.

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